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Vapes & Disposables

Vapes are everywhere nowadays, and for good reason too! Vapes are a much safer alternative compared to smoking. As there is no combustion in vaping, there is no smoke, which is what creates the tar and carbon monoxide that causes the most long-term health problems in smoking products. Vapes are also popular for the convenience of use, and for the lack of odor that accompanies smoking. Nicotine vapes can include e-cigarettes, pod vapes, and box mods. Cannabis or CBD vapes come in vape pens, oil pens, portable and desktop vaporizers. At Smoking Hot Inc. in Tampa, we have a large collection of vapes featuring popular brands like Randy’s, EVOLVE, Regen, Pax, Volcano, Puffco, G Pen, Caliburn, Coco, Smok, Ooze, Airis, Voopoo, FreeMax, and many more. Smoking Hot also carries disposable vapes, which come as a ready-to-use at affordable prices and do not require charging or refilling. We carry disposables such as Cali, Fume, HQD, Vapmod, Hyde, Leefog, and Quizz. Hurry in today to learn more!